The Royal Family (continued)

A Royal Salute of sixty-two guns is fired at the Tower of London each year on the anniversaries of the Queen’s Birth, Accession to the Throne and Coronation. Forty-one guns are fired when the Queen opens or dissolves Parliament in person, when she passes through London in procession, and on the birth of a Royal child.

The Union Jack

The Union Jack is a flag composed of three crosses. These are the crosses of St. Andrew (white on blue), St. Patrick (red on white) and St. George (red on white). The first two are diagonal, the third vertical and horizontal. At the time it was adopted (1606) the flag contained only the crosses of St. George and St. Andrew, as it signified the accession of James VI of Scotland to the English Throne as James I. The cross of St. Patrick (Ireland) was introduced when the Act of Union came into force in the year 1800. The flag is flown on govern- ment and public buildings in the United Kingdom, England, Scotland or Greater London (according to the event) on a number of Royal anniversaries and other important occasions, such as St. George’s Day in England and St. Andrew’s Day in Scotland, Remembrance Sunday, and at the special command of Her Majesty. It is flown at half-mast as a mark of respect when the death takes place of the Sovereign, Prime Minister and other important personages at home or abroad.

The Royal Standard

The Royal Standard is the personal flag of the Queen and is Hown only on buildings in which the Queen is actually present,
never when Her Majesty is passing in procession. It is divided Into four quarters. In the first and fourth are the three lions
passant of England; in the second appears the lhon rampant or Scotland; in the third, the harp of Ireland.

The White, Red and Blue Ensigns

The White Ensign, bearing the cross of St.George on a white background, with the Union Jack filling the upper corner nearest the flagstaff, is the flag of the Royal Navy and the Royal Yacht Squadron.

The Red Ensign (the Red Duster) is a red flag with the Union Jack filling the upper corner nearest the flagstaff. It is flown by
British merchant vessels.

The Blue Ensign is a blue flag with the Union Jack in the upper corner nearest the flagstaff. lt is flown by the Royal Naval Reserve and by certain selected yacht clubs.

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