The history of football may date as far back as Roman times, when men of the army probably played harpastum, a Roman game remarkable like modern Rugby Football. In the sixteenth century the game was played in England by whole villages, often with as many as hundred men on each side. Injuries were numerous and severe, and the game was extremely dangerous until the early part of the last century when many schools in England improved it and set up codes of rules. These became standardised in the eighteen-sixties, when those who favoured ‘the handling game’ formed the Rugby Union and those who preferred non-handling established the Football association. there are now seven distinct forms of football, but the three most widely played are Association (eleven players, world wide), Rugby Union (fifteen playersl; principally Birtain, France, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) and Rugby League (Thirteen players; Britain, France Australia, New Zealand)

Association Football

The world record crowd at an Association Football Match was 200,000 at the World Cup Final of 1950, Between Brazil and Uruguay in Rio de Janiero. The highest score in a match recognised as official was Arbroath 36, Bon Accord 0, in a Scottish Cup match in 1885. The highest score in an international match was Australia scored 31 against American Samao scored 0 in qualifying match for 2002 World Cup.

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