Did you know?

China has been using hi tech bird drones to watch over its citizens.

These hi tech doves are being developed by researchers in Northwestern polytechnical University of Shaanxi, who worked on stealth fighter jets of China as well.

One of the researchers involved said the roll out of the technology was still in its early stages.

“The scale is still small,” said Yang Wenqing, an associate professor at the university’s School of Aeronautics who worked on the programme.

“We believe the technology has good potential for large-scale use in the future… it has some unique advantages to meet the demand for drones in the military and civilian sectors.”

Each robotic bird is equipped with GPS technology, a high-definition camera and a flight control system that links up with satellites to allow remote control. The drones also make use of a small electric motor to power flapping wings, which livestock on the ground reportedly cannot distinguish from a real bird.

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