Did you know?

This coffee is served with a cloud of “cotton candy”, the coffe vapour rises to dissolve the “cotton candy” and the cloud begins to rain with the sugar over the coffe. Coffee “mellow” in Shanghai, China.

A literal storm in a teacup, Sweet Little Rain is no ordinary brew. Each out-of-this-world order comes with an Americano coffee and a side of white cotton candy. Suspended above the mug, this floating “cloud” drips sugar when hit by the coffee’s steam, adding some sweetness to your drink while conjuring up a dreamy illusion of a puffy raincloud.

While Mellower Coffee is no stranger to speciality coffees, Sweet Little Rain is their most creative concoction yet. To try this fantastic drink for yourself, stop by one of the cafe’s locations. As it’s unclear if every one of Mellower Coffee’s 50+ sites serves this stormy brew, we suggest scoping out the #sweetlittlerain hashtag on Instagram to see if you can find your local shop—and to get lost in nearly 1,000 photos of the fanciful creation!

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