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There are deseases that have been hidden in ice for thousands of year. Climate change might wake them up. If that happens, we might be exposed to deadly bacteria and viruses that we have never seen before.

Scientists are worried that deadly bacteria and viruses that humans have long been free of could make a comeback.

For years, harrowing afflictions such as the bubonic plague and smallpox have been largely absent from our world.

It’s a combination of improved medicine, better hygiene and living standards, and evolution that have meant the global population is better equipped to fight off bacterial infections and virsuses.

Are there any incidents that brought this phenomenon to light?

In August 2016, a 12-year-old boy died and 20 others were hospitalised after being infected by anthrax in a remote corner of the Siberian Tundra called the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic Circle.

In conjunction with this incident was the theory that over 75 years ago a carcass of a reindeer that died due to an anthrax infection got buried in a layer of frozen soil, which we refer to as permafrost.

A heatwave in 2016, however, melted the ice to a point that brought to surface the reindeer corpse, which then went on to infect the water and soil, and then infected the food supply. The virus infected more than 2,000 grazing reindeer and humans as well.

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